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Recommendations: Testimonial

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“After an amazing conversation with Margaret, I was hoping she’d work with [student], but her schedule was full (because she’s so good!). She was by far the most knowledgeable professional I spoke with (the depth of her knowledge base is astounding), and she went WAY above and beyond to help us – she answered so many questions,  provided referrals and even checked with her network on the reputation of the adviser we ended up going with. I’ve no doubt we would have had the best experience working with her, so my  advice is to retain her super early and off-season :).” Kristina, San Mateo


“Margaret did the impossible. She got my nephew into his first choice school.  And with a scholarship. There were many obstacles to overcome in order to accomplish that. She navigated the app process from beginning to end. She went above and beyond.” Tammy W., Belmont


“Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, for the book, the card, the wisdom, the months of patient listening, the keen and insightful and perfectly incisive advice, for slicing through compounded layers of indecision and hazy uncertainty and huge excuses, for ignoring claims that any question is too big to answer and reducing life-changing decisions to simple questions of, what do you like to do? What factual, comprehensible, listable things do you need to be happy where you live? What part of the country do you like? You soothed this brackish mess from a boiling sea into a trackable current with a clear ahead and clear behind, and drove me forward on a straight course, reminding me to correct for my tendencies to veer, and pushed, smiling, cheerful, and perfectly unforgiving. ‘Twas ideal.” Ivan O., Santa Rosa

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“Margaret, you’ve been the best…so glad you were available… I’m certain the application process would not have been nearly as productive without you- not to mention the happy outcomes he had.  Thank you for your suggestions, organization, and direction in all phases of this process.  You can certainly count on a wonderful online review from this client.” Rick W., Belmont


“You’re so great with the right balance of honesty and a push in the reachable direction. I can’t tell you how special it is to see our son trust someone.”
Mark K., Belmont


“I don’t know how I could ever repay you for the help you gave me! My classes are fascinating and challenging, my floormates are my closest friends, and the environment is such a wonderful thing to wake up to. I’ve started meditating and doing yoga, I even joined the cheer team! None of this would have been remotely possible without your guidance and assistance, and I thank you. I can’t wait to get my teaching credentials.” Kit S., San Francisco

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“I can’t recommend Margaret Rothe highly enough! Our son graduated somewhat unexpectedly early, so he didn’t get his Senior year of college prep (applications, essays, etc.) and Margaret kindly came to our rescue. She not only helped with his essay, but also with college selection (he’s attending a school that hadn’t even been on his radar) and with the school after he was accepted. Her help was invaluable. Our son would be on a much different path if not for her, and he is exactly where he ought to be now :-)” Julie D., Redwood City

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“Our daughter was just accepted to her dream school. She’d been so turned off by the pressure of the entire process she wouldn’t even visit schools to rule them out. Our first meeting with Margaret convinced all of us that a gap year could be a good option for her and she decompressed. We started the process of looking at gap year opportunities as well as identifying schools she could be interested in for the 2017-2018 school year. As it happens, one of the schools Margaret identified not only met every single one of our daughter’s (and our) criteria, but they have rolling admissions. As the summer got underway our daughter decided to apply with the option to defer if accepted. As soon as she submitted her application she knew she really did want to start this Fall. And now she will be.The most important aspect of our relationship with Margaret was the connection our daughter felt with her. My husband and I also felt that she was advocating for her, but knowing our daughter understood that advocacy has made this a collaborative process all around with a great result.” Dana S., S. San Francisco


“Both my husband and I really appreciate the way you work with Evelyn and the improvements you have made to her writing. Evelyn tells us “I love Margaret,” and I think that says it all.” Jamie L., Belmont


“The other day I was out in the field at work and it sort of dawned on me the reasons I was lucky enough to get to where I am today.  One of the things I remember well from our meetings when I was in high school was talking about my ideal job someday. Thanks to you I am in my second year at Chico on track to graduate, and I am currently working an internship. Because of your guidance, I was able to find the right school for me, with an outstanding program. I hope all is well and that HigherGrounding is still expertly guiding more kids like me to someday do what they love. Thank you.” Zach S., Sebastopol


“We were looking for a college counselor for our high school kid and had interviewed five before deciding to work with Margaret.  She listened well, understood our needs and goals and genuinely cared about her students. She responded to our calls and emails promptly, and she was flexible in scheduling meetings. During the last few months, she has provided thoughtful suggestions and clear instructions, giving us the peace of mind in this stressful and sometimes confusing time.  We are very fortunate to have found her.” Mike P., San Carlos


“HigherGrounding has been terrific with helping my son navigate through the daunting college application process. She has helped him refine his college choices as well his approach to the application process. They have been a great coach to my son and life saver to his mom.” Lori L., Redwood City


“HigherGrounding was able to really dive into my situation and form a comprehensive understanding of it. She addressed issues that were staring me in the face but I couldn’t see them. She provided me with practical advice and solid direction. Her greatest strength is that they are truly able to put herself in her client’s shoes and understand where theyare coming from. I’d recommend her to anyone!”Gary N., Belmont


“I wanted to say that I did get into the Fiji, New Zealand and Australia program so I will be going there this fall. Then in the spring I will be attending LMU. Thank you for all your help I appreciate everything that you have done for me.”
Tanner C., Hillsborough


“I want to let you know that I probably would have not been as successful or informed on my higher education decisions if it weren’t for your guidance. I hope to pass on your book to someone else going through the same process some day. Thanks again.” Connor A., Redwood City


“Margaret, has been and continues to be a great mentor to me. I have worked with Margaret for about 10 years now. She has provided me with guidance not only in my undergraduate degree but also in the process of applying for graduate school. She has helped me find the best “path” for my career and education. Margaret is extremely knowledgeable, she helps students explore all possible options so that the decision is always an educated one. I would highly recommend Margaret to anyone. She truly has the student’s best interest at heart.” Donna R., San Francisco


“During the college application process we hit a snag – the academic resume. Our family simply couldn’t find a way to create a document that was clear, concise and consistent. A friend referred Margaret and they were spot on! She stepped in and helped create exactly what we had hoped, within the timeline we had requested. And along the way, she gave our son valuable feedback on some sticky essay questions as well!” Laura C., Sebastopol

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"Margaret conducts her sessions like family therapy with expert college advice. She has an amazing rapport with our daughter and is helping her pinpoint what she is looking for in her college education. That is a huge relief to us. She is with you through the whole process from application to enrollment and even after, which gives us the confidence that we are doing everything we can to guarantee our daughter will attend the best college at the best price and to ensure the brightest future possible for her.  
I am very pleased to say the price was well below my expectation.  I have recommended Margaret too many of my friends and they all continually thank me for sharing her with them. So without reservation - I recommend her to you too!" N., Santa Rosa


"Margaret was an essential piece in finding our son the right college fit. [our son] has been excited with his journey, and emailed this comment to me recently... "applying for cool positions like this one now, so glad she got me into the right place!"   
My husband and I are grateful for the dedication and direction Margaret devoted to our family." Janet S., Westwood


“I don’t even know how to say thank you for all you have done. I would have never gotten this far ever in this process!! And the whole way you are able to respond to my daughter’s worries and doubts, which I could never do. So thank you a 110 times for being such an amazing person and so determined, knowledgeable and dedicated. These kids have no idea how lucky they are. Us parents sure do.”Norma B., Santa Rosa


“She took Willamette! Can you believe it? She’s very excited and so are we. They are giving her $28,500 a year in financial aid and guarantee she’s out in 4 years. Plus, she can play soccer. The coach loves her! Good stuff all around! Thanks so much!”Mike L., Santa Rosa


"Margaret Rothe is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to 'anything college.'  Her depth of knowledge comes from decades of experience and joy working with colleges, parents and students.  She is also not one to stop digging for knowledge.  When we worked with Margaret, she must have visited or re-visited over 200 colleges.  So, when it was time to create the college list, her recommendations were not limited to the top 20 colleges, or based on hear-say or website propaganda, but truly investigative and up-to-date.  Margaret has opened our eyes to a wealth of schools we knew nothing about and also helped us determine which schools don't fit with the unique needs of my daughter.  And equally important, my daughter went through the college process excited, yet calm (and so did I).  Thank you, Margaret!!!" Madeline S., Belmont


“University of Florida just accepted me! Tuition will be waived with a $5,000 a year graduate assistant position. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your help was a big part of my success with this!” Q, Graduate Student, UF


“With regard to Ms. Rothe’s interpersonal abilities, what I admire most about Ms. Rothe is her ability to read people with great insight and communicate with them directly and easily. I view Margaret as one of the next generation’s campus leaders who will shape the direction of education and student affairs. Ms. Rothe will be a dynamic and committed leader who will shepherd our students and our campuses toward the next horizon. She has an exceptional intellect and a true passion for higher education.”
Former Director Facilities and Residence Life, SFSU


“Adept at both administration and interpersonal tasks, she made every student feel as though they had been heard. She has the skills and aptitude of an outstanding student affairs professional; I would rate Margaret in the top 5% of staff in terms of her skill and potential and one of the most outstanding staff members.” Former Director Richmond College, American International University, and Current Director of Service Learning, BGSU


“She has used her education, both formal and practical, to teach, encourage, and inspire other people to improve their lives. Ms. Rothe has demonstrated a special rapport with her students due to her commitment and interest in their well-being, quite obviously enjoying her work, often going above and beyond what is required,”Living Learning Communities Programming Coordinator and current Orientation Services for the Blind, SFSU


“Serious, stable, concerned, yet with a sense of humor and good balance.” Professor Emeritus Sociology, Franklin Pierce College, NH


“She epitomizes energy, college involvement, creativity, and motivation.” Professor of Sociology, Social Work and Counseling. Ph.D, Franklin Pierce College, NH


“Margaret’s ideas and creativity gave parents and students a sense of great comfort and hospitality as they transition to adulthood. She is praised for her professionalism, dedication and especially her wonderful sense of humor.”
CPM Executive Director, SFSU


“'re very special. providing both heart and a brain during a very difficult phase for the whole family. I can't tell what it meant to receive your experience, support and kindness. Thank you”
Parent, San Mateo


Thank you Mags! You are the best and I couldn’t have got here without you:). I will definitely text with questions along the way. I’m so excited for this new opportunity! Thanks again!

P.S. I will be safe and good almost always - Jackson

Orientation has been a blast, a chaotic, exhausting, fun blast. I made new friends and met up with old ones. I've called my parents almost every day :))) Classes start tomorrow... Thank you for all your support. It means so much to me, and I feel so much more confident knowing that you and my family are always there in my corner for me. I've been having fun and playing safe. Talk to you soon. Thank you for everything!!! - Hana

Hi Margaret,

We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your assistance our son's application process. He is refining and focusing his desires and writing quite dramatically. We really wish that we would have found you earlier. - Happy Dad

Hi Margaret,

I just wanted to let you know that Jacob is very happy at U Chicago, and he has also made the Dean's List.  - Michael

Workshop Evaluations:
“…cleared up my immediate questions…I feel like I know what is about to happen…”
“…I only wish I knew her sooner…”
“…she listened to my concerns and drew out a map of the process…Thank you!”
“…a great review of what we have in store for us…”
“…loved it…she is funny and very helpful.”
“…Thank God she read my essay…”
“I thought I knew how to fill out an application but there is much more to it.”

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