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Everyone on the same page?

Margaret Rothe has presented nationally and locally to large and intimate groups regarding student affairs topics, college fit, college planning, teen communication, campus crisis, intervention, college counselor training and other focus areas.

Her combination of humor and incisive direction on an issue, make her presentations fun and informative. Her uncanny ability to connect and empathize with people allows messages to transcend differences and initiate healing after crisis.

Her personalized presentations or town hall college Q&A, shows her casual, professional nature was acquired by her many years on college campuses. Recovery conversations to deliberative process explanation, she is sensitive to the needs of her audience, and her delivery captures the attention of any group.

College Planning, Admissions and Enrollment Choice

Bring this resource to your community, and quickly put everyone on the same page regarding all things college admissions, campus living and student affairs. 

The college admissions process can breed anxiety, or it can be tamed, organized and even enjoyed. Margaret's pithy presentations of college application fundamentals are without hype but definitely with humor.

A goal of her college presentations is for families to loosen up. Set aside the notions of competition, scarcity and finances, and instead see individual needs, the plethora of colleges and that money doesn't buy knowledge.

A wide beadth of student affiars knowledge

Margaret has been chosen to speak after crisis as much as she has been chosen to celebrate education with her wit and frank style. Schedule time with her to discuss and collaborate on the message you wish to craft, the information you wish to be delivered and the cultural perspective of your constituency.

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