IEC Mentor & Business Development

Having good Mentors is important to growth.

20 years in Higher Ed, grants me a perspective on how colleges work through a lens of experience.

I owe so much to my mentor, Jane Rosser. She is a leader in Higher Education who gave me her time, leaned into our conversations, graciously caught my mistakes and cheered me on as I pushed myself to the next challenge. I'm paying that forward.


As a community representative for my colleagues in the San Francisco Bay Area, as an active participant of national professional organizations, as a professional IEC of a fast growing college counseling business and my extensive research building the college counselor's best friend;   I've learned several essential best practices of success in College Counseling and the spirit of independent business ownership.

My first lesson was, this isn't easy work. Even with years of experience to lean on, it took a while to find my way. I hear my story repeated back to me from the many new counselors who have sought out my advice. I'm here to help guide, assist, soundboard, teach, explain, mentor new colleagues (and kvetch with my seasoned colleagues).

By web conference and sit-down meetings, I will personally lead you through practical building blocks for a successful college counseling business.  Counsel with Confidence!


  • Counsel with confidence:

    • Feel confident in what you bring to the table. Define your services.

    • Build your storefront, know the steps and how to differentiate your service from every other college counselor in your area.

  • Sell the milk, not the cow:

    • How to open prospective client meetings and how to close with a contract.

    • Billing, Invoicing, Accounting, hourly or package and setting your price.

    • Contracts, Employees, Taxes, Budgets and Operations

  • Marketing:

    • Finding your market entrance points

    • Communication as an IEC, talk the talk, walk the walk.​

  • Counseling:

    • The Art of Counseling Teen Procrastination

    • Counseling as a scaffold to independent Teens​​

    • Therapeutic Specialties

  • Digital and Professional Presence:

    • Website, Email design, Analytics, Google Docs

    • Referrals and Social Media, how you waste your time

    • Business software choices: Automation vs. Interference​

    • Admissions and the tidal wave of information.

We will cover these areas and have conversations about your specific business challenges.

Small group, in person meetings, located in Redwood City, CA:  $3900

Web conference workshops:  $ 3200

Need a good mentor?   Email me today.

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